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The newest residents...

We've been busy this past month. We will start with the chicks. A feed store chain store contacted us to see if we wanted a newborn chick with a broken leg. Of course we said yes. It turned out that she had a broken hip which made it more complicated. She chirped all night the first couple nights so we decided she needed a friend. Long story short, she and her new friend are both wonderful. The hip healed itself and though she is a lot smaller than her sister, both are thriving.

I volunteer at the shelter a few times a week and occasionally there are cats that are so feisty that they never get adopted but too tame to be considered feral. This is how I ended up with our cat Maybe and now our newest adult cat Clarice. She is not a fan of being petted, she does like to be in the vicinity of me. She has already come a long way and I hope one day she will be a lap cat (if she wants that).

Speaking of lap cats... two days after I adopted Clarice, I went into the barn and heard the littlest meow. I found this tiny kitten sitting on the seat of the lawn mower. I don't know how she got there... if she travelled through the woods and ended up in my barn all by herself or if someone dropped her off. I will never know. But it doesnt matter because I love her so much. We named her Pocket because she loves being held. Clarice hated her at first but now they play and play. They look like mother and daughter and once Pocket grows up, it'll be hard to tell them apart.

Our latest newcomer is Monkey! She was at the shelter for months and I walked her a few times a week. She was everyone's favorite and week by week, she was overlooked because of her age even though she was so sweet. During this time our beloved old girl Hilga's cancer took over her body and she sadly passed on. Because we had a hole in our hearts (and a vacancy in the house), we decided to adopt Monkey.

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