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I had no idea that when Chuck went to look at a house that that the trajectory of the rest of our year and our sanctuary's direction would change. To give a little bit of vague background, an older woman with 50+ cats went into hospice and the family put the cats outside. By the time my husband went over to the house back in October and called me immediately to come over, there were only about 35 left. The others had died of exposure, sickness, starvation, predation or hit by cars. I started feeding and setting up shelters for them that day and have done it everyday since. Thankfully I connected with a fabulous woman named Betty who has been my inspiration and mentor through all of this. She loaned me a bunch of traps and I started trapping the most dire.

It took me over two months but finally right before Christmas, I caught the last two. 38 total cats. Some needed a lot of vet care. One sadly died in care. I was fortunate to have people donate money, food, litter. As of today, there are still 9 that need homes (indoor or barn).

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