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If you have questions about any of our fosters, please feel free to contact us. We can tell you more about the animal you are interested in.  Or feel free to fill out an adoption agreement by clicking below.

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Foxy was in the Knox Co. Dog Shelter and was so shut down and unsocialized that no one could walk her and she was barely eating.  Over the winter, she was found in a man's doghouse and was thought to be from his Amish neighbor who said he didn't want her back.  We knew our pack can do wonders with shy dogs so we decided to pull her.  She is really blomossing into a wonderful dog and now is currently up for adoption.  

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Fosters: Who We Are

BOLT- adopted

Bolt was on the run since Fall of 2022.  People saw him in cornfields but he would never let them get close.  Finally after 5 months, he was caught in a trap but ended up having a broken leg and a belly full of bones and rocks.  Rural Ohio Cats & Kittens (ROCK) were the miracle workers who finally caught him but they didn't have the right housing situation for him, so we volunteered to foster him.  Part of his "problem" was he ironically has severe separation anxiety and was hurting himself trying to get out of a kennel or crate or room so we thought maybe being in a pack would help ease his anxiety.  He is the sweetest dog ever and is doing so great with our dogs.  
To fix his broken leg cost over $4,000.  The cheaper option was amputation but he is such a young dog, we wanted to give him the best chance going forward.

Fosters: About


Buster is a 10+ year old, completely blind collie mix.  His owner went into a convalescent hospital so Buster spent a couple months in the local shelter before we could take ownership of this sweet sweet boy.  This is a first for me because I have never had a 100% blind dog so we are both learning as we go.  Buster is not available for adoption but rather will live with us for the remainder of his life.

Fosters: Who We Are


Two bonded Great Pyrenees estimated to be almost 2 years old.  They have had a couple owners in their short life because they like to wander.  After their latest adventure, the previous owner relinquished them to us.  They are bonded so need to be adopted together.  We tried separating them but it didn't work out.  They need fenced property and a job!

Fosters: Who We Are

PUFFIN - adopted

Puff Puff was found along a highway and taken to the shelter.  There he had a series of seizures so after a couple days at the vet where he didn't have any additional seizures, we took him in since possibly the shelter was too stressful of an environment.  

Fosters: Meet the Team


Edie came to us from the local shelter as a heartworm positive dog.  The treatment for HW is long and medically taxing.  It takes a total of 3 months where the dog has to stay calm and usually crated.  We didn't want Edie to have to go through these months in a loud, stressful shelter so we are letting her heal up here with us.  Edie's treatment is finished and she is now available for adoption.  She gets along with dogs, cats, chickens and especially people!

Fosters: Who We Are

SKYE -adopted

Skye is a 1 year old Aussie-Doodle.  She came to us as a foster because her family is moving to Las Vegas.  She gets along with all animals but really loves her people.  She will be spayed and ready for adoption in June.

Fosters: Meet the Team


Phoebe was turned into the shelter as a result of a domestic argument.  Neither owner came for her.  The shelter took her to the vet since she was in such poor physical shape and they discovered she has bone cancer.  A shelter is no place for an old dog with limited time.  So we decided to bring her into our home and let her spend the days or months she has left on a comfy bed with good nutrition and even better meds.  Thank you to the Dogs of Knox fund for sponsoring her vet care.
Phoebe passed away in May but we loved each other ferociously in the short 7 weeks I had her.

Fosters: Who We Are

BANDIT - adopted

aka Puppy, aka Gus, aka Marbles was found running alongside a highway in Knox County.  He is suspected to be an escapee from an Amish farm since they prolifically breed this type of dog.  He is now neutered and will be fully vaccinated soon.  We already have a list of people interested in this little guy.  He is a little monster that terrorizes all his foster siblings.  We are still working on potty training but he is a very smart boy who loves to play and bite but also loves to cuddle.  It is hard not to fall in love with him.  He will be a heartbreaker to give him up.

Fosters: Who We Are


I walk dogs at the local shelter several times a week and Monkey was there for months.  Her name in the shelter was Munchkin and she was everyone's favorite.  After our sweet gal Hilga passed away, we had a vacancy for another sweet senior so we adopted her.  She is 10 years old and gets along with all the other animals.
Sadly Monkey passed away in the Fall.

Fosters: Welcome


Twix was found as a stray.  She was skin and bones with sores all over her body.  She was very fearful and thoughts were she was used as a 'bait dog'.  She wasn't able to walk on leash and shivered in fear when she had to get back in her cage.  I decided to pull her from the shelter and work on her healing (both physical and emotional). She is young (guess is 1-2 years old) and a fixed female.  We are still trying to fatten her up but the sores have all healed. She is very submissive, loves to curl up next to you and gets along with dogs, cats, chickens and people.  She has such unique coloring so I named her after the candy bar TWIX because she is chocolate, caramel and cookie.


Hilga was roaming around a farm for a month during very cold temperatures before they finally took her to the shelter. Her undercarriage was full of heavy, hard, infected tumors.  She needed a rescue to pull from the shelter and take on the responsibility of her medical needs so we raised our hand!  She is the sweetest old girl!

In September of 2021, sadly the cancer took over Hilga's body and she passed away.  We are heartbroken but feel honored to have had her in our life for 6 months.



Doby is a 2 year old neutered male shepherd mix.  He loves other dogs and people.  He is curious about cats but eventually pays them no attention.  He still has a lot of puppy in him but is overall a great dog!
Doby was adopted by a wonderful couple and now lives on a bee farm with chickens and cats. He is in love with his new mama as she is with him.

Fosters: Meet the Team
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