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Never ending cats cats cats...

In the last year, I have turned more into a cat rescue than an animal sanctuary. Our local shelter quit taking cats so I now receive daily phone calls of cats in need. It is overwhelming and sad. I do what I can which is probably more than I should financially and physically have room for. In 2022, I helped (trapped/fixed/vaccinated) 70 cats and either found homes for them or sometimes sadly had to return to their place of origin after getting fixed which is the basis of TNR (Trap-Neuter-Return). I also fostered 10 dogs, adopted a new turkey named Horton and about 20 chickens.

I had a lot of medical cases this year. I had a kitten needing immediate eye removal surgery.

I trapped two mama cats in the summer and one wouldn't nurse so the more feral one had to nurse all 8 kittens. She was skin & bones so we had to tag team nursing the kittens with bottle feeding for the first couple weeks. Eventually I noticed she was limping so took her to a couple vets to find out she had a birth defect and needed expensive orthopedic surgery to correct. We were able to raise a lot of the money and she had successful knee and hip surgery in November.

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