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Shady Owl Ranch

A 501c3 Animal Sanctuary in Central Ohio.  We rescue, foster & rehabilitate dogs, cats and poultry.  We sell chicken eggs from our rescued hens and also have cabins to rent for rustic vacation getaways.

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Fundraiser for Rain's Surgery

Win a 2 night stay at one of our Cabins!!

We are selling raffle tickets to raise money for foster cat Rain's orthopedic surgery. 

**Read more about Rain's story below. 

UPDATE as of 9/26/22:  We raised $1,980 for Rain's hip surgery!  Thank you to everyone who bought tickets and donated money.  As soon as Rain's kittens get adopted, she will get her surgery.  I am very grateful.  The winners of the raffle are...

SONGBIRD SUITE:  Amy Piel Glass      CONIFER CABIN:  Emiley Body

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Buy Tickets

You can purchase raffle tickets through PayPal (link below), Venmo (search Shady Owl Ranch) or by cash/check.  Make sure you pick which cabin you want to win (or just buy one of each)

Rain's Story

Rain & her sister Robin had just given birth outdoors in a rural neighborhood.  Rain had 3 kittens, Robin had 5.  Robin would not nurse so I had to end up putting her 5 kittens with Rain.  Both mothers were skin and bones so I bottle fed the kittens every other time for the first week while Rain gained weight and increased her milk production.  After a couple weeks I noticed Rain limping so I took her to the vet.  Xrays showed she had double hip dysplasia and a luxating patella.  This was most likely a birth defect.  So our options are 1) euthanasia, 2) orthopedic surgery to repair hips and correct knee or 3) do nothing until her hips completely go out (we don't know if she is in pain) and then euthanize.  After much consideration and consultation with 3 different vets, we decided on getting the surgery. 

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A Bit of Background

Chuck & Amanda gave up their careers as a flight paramedic and wildlife biologist and left the wildfires of Northern California to end up in Chuck's hometown of Mt. Vernon, OH.

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Home: Who We Are

Notable Residents

of the SOR


Mrs. Martha Washington

A rescued turkey who became lame and couldnt walk so we kept in their house over winter while we rehabilitated her back to health.



We foster dogs & cats, both young & old. Some we keep and some we find loving homes for.


 Other Fowl

We have rescued and rehabiliated chickens, guineas and of course a turkey

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Vacation Rentals

Cabins available for short term stays through

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Contact Shady Owl Ranch

15639 McKenzie Road Mount Vernon, OH 43050

530 227 4288

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